Aerial Mapping & Surveys

Providing all aspects of aerial GIS photogrammetry and mapping services

Aerial Photography

Industrial, Commercial, Real Estate, Scenic, Vineyards and Hotels

Airborne Video Surveillance

Airborne Gimbal Stabilized Video with GIS overlay - Ideal for Post Disaster Crisis Response and Mitigation Efforts - Wild-Fires, Oil-Spills and all Natural Disasters

Photo Library

 We maintain over 150,000 quality photos in our library

Industry Solutions

We offer unique turn-key and custom solutions for Government, Real Estate, Legal and Architectural industries.


Services Provided

Air Flight Service maintains a library of over 150,000 aerial photos, negatives and film positives.  Most of this photography has been acquired by our own flight crews, and some of the imagery was acquired from the purchase of other companies, dating back as far as 1939 here in Santa Clara County.

Uses of aerial photography are varied and so are the users.  Aerial photography reveals the earth as it exists in nature and also reveals how man has affected changes in the natural landscape.  Buildings, bridges, roads, urban and rural areas and other man-made features are depicted as they were at the time the photography.  Physical features, such as vegetation, river widths and courses, shorelines, landslide areas, etc., are shown with detail that no map can depict.  Aerial photography is, therefore, extremely useful both for specific site evaluation, for regional analysis, as well as historical perspectives.  It is used regularly by engineers, architects, city and regional planners, geographers, geologists, attorneys and historians.

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