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Airborne Gimbal Stabilized Video with GIS overlay - Ideal for Post Disaster Crisis Response and Mitigation Efforts - Wild-Fires, Oil-Spills and all Natural Disasters

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Air Flight Service designs and implements one of the most cost-effective, advanced turn-key solution in the marketplace for time urgent and technically demanding airborne digital surveillance (SIR) missions. Stabilized gimbals include Multi-Sensor Pods that are small, lightweight and portable allowing quick deploy-ability and in-field installation on multiple aerial platforms.


Mission capabilities are ideal for post disaster response, situational awareness and mitigation efforts requiring real-time Video & GIS integration. Airborne digital video recording, integration of geo-spatial data within a GIS environment and download transmissions are a few of its capabilities. Air Flight Service is based in the USA and capable of providing services to a wide range of government and commercial agencies world wide.

Real-time video images and videos have become an increasingly important source of information for remote surveillance, intelligence gathering, situational awareness, and decision-making. With airborne video surveillance, the ability to associate geo-spatial information with imagery intelligence allows decision makers to view the geographic context of the situation, track and visualize events as they unfold, and predict possible outcomes as the situation develops.

High-resolution target tracking and recognition capabilities are not provided by current UAV systems, which are large in size and must fly at medium or high altitudes, thereby degrading the spatial resolution of the captured video. In addition, the cost of current UAV systems is prohibitive for widespread deployment and use.

Our customers typically include airborne law enforcement, natural & man-made disasters, crisis response & mitigation, coastguard, border patrol, military, search & rescue, wild fire and oil spill response


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